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Boris Mannsfeld and Associates Who Are We?

We Are Number One Placencia Real Estate Agent

Since its founding, Boris Mannsfeld & Associates has grown into the leading real estate organization in the Caribbean region. We are the top real estate company in Placencia, where operations with real estate have gained in complication, particularly through the last decade. Whether you are looking for a new house, income property, farm land, resort, or island for sale - today’s dealing with property in Placencia Belize feels a dire necessity for experience, knowledge, and the most intelligent services that only Boris Mannsfeld and Associates can provide.

All members of our team represent the very best in their field. Our expert surveyors, technicians, engineers, attorneys, lenders, contractors, and architects are all united in a joint effort to grant you the best professional support through every stage of any property purchase deal.

Your Time and Safety Are Appreciated Most

At Boris Mannsfeld & Associates Real Estate Placencia, our most valuable resource is your time, and our team does best to offer you property for sale in Belize under the most reasonable, secure, efficient, easy and stress-free conditions. We are firmly committed to market assessment and intelligent data collection. That allows us to operate with the most attractive real estate projects that often exceed even the most daring expectations of our clients.

Our property listing approach is unmatched. We always have full knowledge of Placencia real estate conjuncture with current acquisition trends. What’s more – we are able to offer some special opportunities, as the most urgent and financially attractive deals are always processed by our crew every minute they hit the market.

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

We are one-stop service for real estate acquisitions in Placencia. From locating, customizing and selecting the right property in Belize to leading the right negotiations in the right place, conducting title inquiry, guaranteeing financial security, and, finally, completing the deal by giving you legal title and keys in your hand.

Our clients always feel safe when purchasing a family compound, a villa of their dream, or if considering sound investment solutions with rental property of any type, restaurants for sale, or even bare commercial development lands. On top of that - we take special care of success for every client. When it comes to investing, we are Placencia Belize real estate advisor number one! Our team always provides much more than just a current database of property for sale in Placencia Belize.

Belize – Airport Reopneing & Some Amazing Real Estate

Best Greetings… Thank you for reading our latest newsletter from Belize. We are very excited to have our international airport reopen on August 15th.  It’s been 5 months of quiet on

Belize - Airport Reopneing & Some Amazing  Real Estate

Belize – Three Amazing Deals

Sunrise from The Villas at Cocoplum Welcome… Best greetings from Placencia Belize. Good days are ahead for our beautiful Peninsula.  Warm sunny days, the reopening of our comfy hotels, the

Belize - Three Amazing Deals

Belize Real Estate and Tourism Update

Happy 4th of July to all our American  clients. And happy Summer to everyone else.  It is always nice to celebrate   Something.  We here in Belize and at BMA are about

Belize Real Estate and Tourism Update

Why you should own a boat?

“Wherever we want to go, we go. That’s what a ship is, you know. It’s not just a keel and a hull and sails; that’s what a ship needs. Not

Why you should own a boat?

Booming Business Opportunities in the Southern Belize Tourism Industry

Several years ago, Placencia, Belize, was considered a remote fishing village, hard to get to, but with abundant natural beauty and resources – and it is becoming much less a

The Best Sunsets Exclusively In Placencia, Belize. Written by our intern, Karimi Eiley

A sunset has the power to seize the moment for anyone with its breath-taking beauty! Although you know it may only be momentarily, you will definitely cherish every last bit

The Best Sunsets Exclusively In Placencia, Belize. Written by our intern, Karimi Eiley

Discover placencia with Ella and Lana

Did You Know October is also refer to as Croctober in Placencia? This week Dr. Tellez did a presentation about crocodile and he gave valuable information at school to the sisters.

Discover placencia with Ella and Lana

Ownership at a Fraction of the cost!

Most of us aspire at some point in our lives to own a vacation home. For some, it is an accessory to a lifestyle or means to other pursuits like

Ownership at a Fraction of the cost!


Ella and Lana, both born Belizeans attend the private school Placencia International Academy. Ella 3 years old, aspire to be a witch and Lana 2 years old aspire to be



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