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Discover placencia with Ella and Lana

Did You Know October is also refer to as Croctober in Placencia? This week Dr. Tellez did a presentation about crocodile and he gave valuable information at school to the sisters. They learnt that Crocs on the Peninsula are no threat to locals and visitors; they should not be fed so they stay wild. If any human comes in close proximity to crocs they run away. The two sisters were so amaze, and went home that evening telling their parents about the exciting presentation at school.

PIA Placencia

Croctober month in Placencia is also a time that many people look forward to, why? because it is the opening of Tutti-Frutti the most famos gelato shop on the peninsula. Tutti-Frutti closes for six weeks out of the year, opens back in October and has been serving its clients with the best flavors of Ice cream. This year the girls helped in preparation for the reopening of the best Gelato shop in the entire country.


In return for the girls hard work they both got treated with their favorite ice cream.


Keep following us and stay updated with what Placencia has to offer with the to sisters.


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