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About Belize

About Belize – Just the word alone (“Belize”) triggers images of strolling along endless Caribbean beaches, snorkeling amongst colorful tropical fish and relaxing with friends & family when time seems to have taken a break. There is no doubt, this is Belize! Beauty beyond imagination, mother nature best kept secret. But beyond this is an amazing Central American nation gifted with natural treasures, ancient sites, amazing cultures, extreme adventures and prosperous real estate & business opportunities.

Where is Belize?
History of Belize
Belize Government
Belize Climate
Consider This

Where is Belize?

Belize is situated on the Caribbean Sea, bounded by Mexico to the north and Guatemala to the west and south. Belize is not an island but actually part of the Mexican Yucatan Peninsula.  Belize approximately 9,000 square miles. 180 miles north to south and just 68 miles east to west at the maximum.  The diversity of what Belize offers in such a compact space is outright amazing.    Belize is gifted with the second-largest barrier reef in the world. The land is flat at the coast and rises to 3,600 feet inland at the height of the Maya Mountains. Belizehas an amazing ecosystem, comprising of Mountains, valleys, rainforest, rivers, islands, caves tropical wildlife and much more.

About Belize

Belize has a rich history beginning before the 17th century with the ancient Maya.  In the 17th century Spain settlers explored the country. Over the years, it survived war, piracy and slavery until being declared a British colony – British Honduras – in 1871. It gained self-government in 1964, chose the name Belize in 1973 and became an independent nation and member of the British Commonwealth in 1981.  The population of Belize stands at 312,000 as of 2011. Belize is a melting pot of different race of people. One of the best reasons to consider purchasing real estate in Belize is the people.  Belizeans are some of the most friendly people around.  The locals intermingle with the foreigners as if all were from the same place.

Belize Government

Belize provides a very a stable democratic government established along the model of the British parliamentary system.   One of Belize’s best attributes is that it is economically & politically very stable, safe and secure.  The official language of Belize is English, and unlike many other countries in Central America, Belize has a relatively modernized infrastructure with safe food and clean drinking water. Looking towards the future, Belizeans recognize the incomparable value of their abundant wildlife, rainforests and coral reefs and in the last decade have moved to protect over 40% of the country with marine reserves, parks and wildlife sanctuaries.

Belize Climate

The temperature in Belize is a major attraction for many from the United States, Canada and throughout Europe. Depending on your itinerary for the day’s adventures — you will find cooler temperatures in the mountains of Belize and more humidity near the rain forests — you can be sure that the warm temperatures, tropical weather and natural beauty won’t disappoint you. Even during Belize’s winter months, the temperature drops no lower than 60 degrees and our water temperature also stays warm, only varying between 75 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit throughout the year.

Consider This

1.English is the official language of Belize.
2.You will be able to review all your due diligence documents (title, rental income figures, tourist information, etc) and all purchase documents (contract, title, home owner associate agreements, etc) on your own.
3.You can make your own decisions and not be 100% relying on a third party.
4.Being able to communicate openly with the local residents will allow you to make new fiends quickly, travel and live easily and enjoy your new country much better.
5.In Placencia locals and foreigners intermingle without any issues.
6.Foreigners receive title to all property including beachfront.  You have the same property rights as the locals.  In many countries such as Mexico and Costa Rica foreigners are not allowed to hold title to beachfront property.
7.Belize remains a member of the British commonwealth alliance and the United Nations.  British common law is followed.  Security, Stability and opportunity for your investment.
8.Currency stability.  One Belize dollar is permanently fixed to equal $US 0.50.  All real estate is purchased in US dollars.  The value of your assets is much better protected than in other countries.
9.Tax incentives.  Belize does not have a capital gains tax or inheritance tax.  Property taxes and income taxes are extremely low.
10.Business tax incentives also offer an opportunity.  Under the Belize Fiscal Incentives Act of 1990, enterprises approved by the Belize government may be granted tax holidays of five, ten, twelve, or fifteen years . Under this act, foreign nationals may repatriate 100% of their investment and profits, provided they register with the Central Bank of Belize.
11.Well-established offshore banking system.  Belize provides the savvy investor many options to create an offshore corporation and offshore bank accounts to better manage and secure assets.
12.Legislation has been passed many years ago to make Belize an ideal offshore jurisdiction. These include: the Retired Persons Act which offers certain tax exemptions and incentives to qualified retired persons and the International Business Company Act which provides for the establishment of limited life companies. Belize is now considered the offshore jurisdiction of choice for many foreign investors.

Belize offers quick easy access from the United States of America and direct flights form Canada and even Europe should commence soon. Cities with direct flights to Belize include Atlanta, Charlotte, Miami, Houston, Dallas, New York (Newark), Cancun (Mexico), Guatemala City, San Pedro Sula (Honduras) and even Cuba.  Seasonal flights from Los Angeles and a charter flight form Toronto, Canada have been available in the past.  Direct flights from Calgary, Denver, Rome (Italy) and other cities are in the works.  The direct fights from Cancun to Belize allow for one-stop flights to Belize from almost all over the world.

Belize is just now fully getting discovered by the rest of the world.  Major infrastructure, investment, tourism, resort and real estate projects are underway.  A second international airport is almost completed and will be located by the Placencia peninsula.  The coastal real estate in Costa Rica exploded when the 2nd international airport near the northern beaches opened. Direct flights from Europe are about to commence and the international media and the global celebrities are raving about Belize more and more.  Francis Ford Coppola has several resorts here, Reese Witherspoon celebrated her honeymoon in Placencia in 2011, Charlie Sheen made an interesting vast in Placencia in 2011 and several major reality shows have been filmed here.   Real Estate prices are still relatively cheap when compared to other destinations such as Costa Rica, Bahamas, British Virgin Islands and the Caymans.  Now is an excellent time to purchase property in Belize.  Get in before prices escalate and availability gets more scarce.  Come down and see what the hype is all about.  We can assure you that you will not be disappointed.   Belize real estate is nestled within exotic rainforests, pristine beaches and ancient Mayan ruins: a paradise for the adventurous.  Belize…more than you ever imagined.

Visitors information

  • The Belize Dollar has a fixed rate of $2BZ=$1US and one can pay through out Belize with US dollars or Belize dollars.
  • Credit cards can be used in all tourist destinations in Belize.  ATM machines are readily available where one can withdraw cash form their foreign bank account.
  • US cell phones operate in Belize. Internet is available through out Belize. Belize uses the same electricity voltage and plugs as in the US
  • Belize is located within the Central Time Zone and does not observe daylight savings time.
  • Belize offers a modern paved highway system. US rental car companies are available.
  • English is the official language of Belize so is spoken through out.
  • A visa is not required for Americans, Europeans & Canadians.
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