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How we found our way to Boris Mannsfeld & Associates:

Our search started online. We very quickly narrowed it to Placencia because of two very important characteristics: affordable beachfront. The next step was pretty simple: Boris Mannsfeld & Associates know more about Placencia than all of the other real estate agencies combined. The owners are invested in Belize and several projects in and around the peninsula.

The introduction phase:

As a former real estate broker, I was very conscious about not wasting an agent’s time. We were serious buyers, but, uncertain about where to start. Boris and Frik were super patient, apparently, we weren’t the first family a little nervous about buying abroad:)

We came down in December/January three different yearly visits. Our goal was to stay on the lagoon side, beach side, close to the village, north of the village, and get an understanding about what area best fit our family of five (and, of course, their friends, boyfriends, etc.). Many of our friends came to visit, too. During that process, we learned what Boris and Frik already knew, Belize is different things to different people. What we thought we wanted was different than what we bought. We’re so thankful for their patience with us, and quiet expertise that helped us recognize that we only had one final barrier to purchase: ourselves:)

Peace of mind:

There’s no feeling quite like signing a purchase agreement for a property in a foreign country. Unless, of course, the feeling when you wire down the earnest money. All of sudden, it gets very real, very quickly.

Managing the purchase and navigating the local real estate laws from afar is a pretty scary thought. Until, that is, you realize the Boris Mannsfeld & Associates really are the experts you had hoped they would be. Boris and Frik were on point as we looked at property, but, once the purchase agreement was signed, you see the team “behind the scenes” really kick in. Desorine will keep you up-to-date with every step of the transaction, often “reading your mind” and emailing you an answer to a question you haven’t yet asked:) Our first deal really felt like a roller coaster – Desorine and the team there with us to make sure the ride was a good one!

Second purchase:

We first met Boris 5 years ago, and Frik 4 years ago. They don’t over promise, or under deliver. There is a lot going on in the peninsula – about half of it will happen in the next 3 to 5 years. When you’re done the following year, that same half is still about 3 to 5 years out. Having two people that know the local market was priceless: literally, and in terms of our peace of mind.

Our first purchase was in 2015; our second was in 2017. Customer satisfaction surveys often ask, “Would you use this company again?” Well, not only would we answer, “yes,” but, we actually did.

March 2nd, 2017

Norm Doty

Dear BMA,

Steve and I want thank the entire BMA Team (especially Frik and Desorine) for all your help over the past 2 years.  We could not have navigated through all our land purchasing and selling, here in Placencia, without your expertise in all facets of real estate and land rules and regulations.  Your honesty, knowledge and guidance is unsurpassed.
You have all truly gone above and beyond, and we thank you.
January 4th, 2017
Jill & Steve

We purchased a lot this past year with the help of Boris Mannsfeld and Associates and couldn’t be happier.  Frik and Jay were extremely knowledgeable of the market and did a great job matching our needs with the perfect property.  Desorine made the entire transaction process simple and smooth.  The entire staff was patient and prompt in answering the hundreds of questions we had.  We’d highly recommend BMA as a full service real estate company for anyone looking to buy property in Belize.

26th October, 2016

Don Reed

BMA is an undeniable force in the development of Placencia Village. Although BMA is a real estate company, it is involved in many aspects of support for the Placencia community. BMA strongly believes in the importance of education and lends support to both schools in the Village. The most remarkable and significant point I have observed is that BMA works with all education stakeholders!

Their support has been significant to both schools. BMA dependably paid the salary of the PE Instructor at St. John’s Memorial Anglican School since 2012. When some parents began discussing the need for a private school in 2013, BMA was able to lead the business community in its support of private school Peninsula International Academy (PIA). BMA remains the leader of Placencia’s business community in educational support.

Many businesses say “education is important”, but few actually demonstrate this in everyday practices. Boris Mannsfeld believes that with increased educational options, the community will prosper. Many members of the BMA Team work with PIA in various roles. Boris realized, as did his associate Frik DeMeyere, that high-level managers with children would not linger on the peninsula without a world-class school option. This belief has led BMA to donate technological assistance, assistance with navigating various governmental offices, computer donation and property acquisition assistance for the school.

In closing, BMA is a business leader of educational support in Placencia Village. PIA hopes that other businesses develop a similar level of educational support. There is no other Placencia real estate company so involved in furthering excellence in education! As Nelson Mandela said, “Education is the most powerful weapon with which you can change the world.” Thank you, BMA, for your ongoing support.

October 12, 2016

What our customers are saying:
“As one of the owners of Mosquito Coast Trading Company I wish to express my sincere appreciation for the support and effort given by all of the staff at Boris Mannsfeld & Associates Realty for the excellent job they did to close the sale of our company to some very nice new owners. 
All of the necessary documents along with communicating the closing process was shared with my partner and I to keep us well informed on all steps of the transaction. 
When considering a purchase of a business or property in Belize I strongly recommend using the experts at BMA.”
August 4th 2016
Ron Eberle

“The team at BMA provided 1st class service creating a smooth and simple closing. I can’t say thank you enough to Richard Villanueva and Desorine Leslie for always going the extra mile on our closing! We already bought another property with BMA as they earned our trust and provided exceptional market knowledge to find great investments in Placencia!”

June 9th 2016

Marty Smith
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