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“My name is Lincoln Edward Eiley, I am a 17 year veteran in the real estate industry in Belize. I sit on the Board of Directors of the Association of Real Estate Brokers of Belize (AREBB). I have been shown the greatest respect by Boris Mannsfeld and his Associates in our business dealings. Furthermore, they are proven professionals and have shown great care in assisting my clients in finding their piece of the Jewel”. I am the President and founding member of the“Ambergris Caye Land Owners Association”.


Belize is a beautiful country to visit or buy Real Estate. We bought a Ocean to Lagoon Lot from Boris Mannsfeld & Assoc. Boris met us at our Hotel and showed us around the Placencia Peninsula. We decided on putting an offer on lot that was accepted. Then he helped us find a closing company. Our experience from start to closing was a worry free experience. We expect to do more business with Boris (Boris Mansfeld & Associates) Boris I will let you know in advance when I can make it for a visit. Thanks Rick ps. Send me any great new deals that come available. I will keep an eye on your web site


April 5, 2012

Mr. Boris Mannsfeld

Mannsfeld and Associates Belize Real Estate

General Delivery

Placencia, Belize

Central America

Dear Mr. Mannsfeld,

Congratulations on successfully completing negotiations of two difficult contracts for the sale of my properties on the Placencia Peninsula last year!!! Because of your resolve to consistently push for approval by both parties, the completion of a contract and subsequent closing sale resulted for my company. The many levels of service employed by your company are on par with other top real estate brokers I have worked with in the past. In addition, the manner in which you and your company utilize the internet to respond to request for information, usually within minutes, from someone anywhere in the world is amazing. I am happy to learn you now have someone with considerable real estate marketing experience to assist you with your business. Now that Frick and his family have relocated from Belgium to Placencia, more buyers and sellers can be assisted. Investing in real estate for over 50 years has given me ample opportunity to experience the operations of many real estate brokers. There are a few who, like yourself and your associate Frick, thru training and experience represent the best in negotiating contracts and guiding buyers and sellers to a successful closing. One of my sons will soon assume management of my real estate remaining to be sold. It gives my son and me considerable assurance the properties in Belize will be marketed in a manner which gives not only my family, but also the buyer, proper protection.

Anyone with a minimal familiarity with real estate marketing is aware signs located on the property offering it for sale are one of the best investments by their broker for marketing. Your placement of signs on my properties is very advantageous. Also at my request, you keep the property free of litter as you know this is important to me.I appreciate your updating and advising me of new properties listed for sale as well as those sold and their sale prices. As an absentee owner it allows me an opportunity to make better decisions in managing my company properties.

You agreed to check the records in the Belizean Land Office in Belmopan for a question I had. This would certainly be regarded as going well beyond the efforts of most real estate brokers. During the time of your marketing travels in the U.S. last year, I met with you in Denver. You advised me of a meeting you attended the prior week with an estimated 700 financially qualified attendees, exposing Belize investment opportunities to them. You confronted a noted peninsula area businessman, whose actions jeopardized the negotiations for a sale of one of my properties, on behalf of my company when others had refused to do so.

1I understand Frick reviewed each of my properties to familiarize himself with the listings and gave me a fair evaluation of market prices based on other similar properties. There will be an increasingnumber of prospective buyers from Europe, therefore it was gratifying to learn English, French, Dutch and German is now spoken by Boris Mannsfeld & Associates personnel.

It is important to note, for the first time ever, Robert’s Grove guest’s information will be available exclusively to Mannsfeld & Associates personnel for marketing real estate on the peninsula. Also of note, you are offering discounts at Robert’s Grove, some of which may be available to those interested in purchasing real estate on the peninsula.

During the past 12 months, you and your company completed the following:

1. Traveling to Europe and meeting government and diplomatic contacts there to encourage them to promote direct flights to Belize.

2. Completing a personal ownership investment in Robert’s Grove, voted in 2008 the #1 destination resort in all of Belize.

3. Meeting with other developers in the area to make arrangements to contact some of their prospects, who they could not accommodate.

4. Meeting with the Belize Ambassador to the European Union at the Belize Embassy in Brussels to plan trade shows and promote airline service to Belize.

5. Traveling to Washington D.C. for a VIP meeting, you were invited to attend, at the Belizean Embassy to assist in coordinating a program for the upcoming Belize Independence Day celebration.

I have three predications for 2012 for the Placencia peninsula, any one of which could increase property values considerably, noted as follows:

1. Initial construction for central water and sewer service serving all present and future improved properties on the Placencia peninsula.

2. The country of Belize will secure the necessary financing to complete the construction of the North Placencia International Airport.

3. The owners of Ara Macao will begin development of this large project. Zoning and environmental studies have been approved.

It has been a pleasure having you represent me in Placencia the last two years.


Wendel Kent

Colorado Springs, CO

Wendel Kent